Committee to Establish the
National Institute of Finance
Providing the data and analytic tools needed to safeguard the U.S. financial system
Legal status
Does the proposed data collection authority represent a dramatic expansion of federal government power?  E-mail
Access to data is an established regulator tool; financial regulators already have extensive authority to collect granular data from regulated entities under the existing “safety and soundness” provisions of the law. Core supervisory and regulatory tasks—including institutional risk monitoring, examination support and detection of insider-trading—already require the examination of position-level information. The NIF would standardize these data reporting requirements, and would extend them to cover the growing number of shadow bank and other financial entities that are systemically important.
What is the proposed legal status of the NIF?  E-mail

The NIF would be an agency of the U.S. Federal Government organized within and under the authority of the proposed systemic risk regulator.