Committee to Establish the
National Institute of Finance
Providing the data and analytic tools needed to safeguard the U.S. financial system
Why was the NIF concept created?  E-mail
The concept of a National Institute of Finance was developed in response to the catastrophic breakdown in world financial markets in 2008. The members of the CE-NIF believe that preventing a recurrence of these events requires improvements in the data and analytic tools available to regulators.
Who started this effort?  E-mail

The CE-NIF was founded by John Liechty and Arthur Small, professors at Penn State University; Allan Mendelowitz, Member and formerly Chair of the Federal Housing Finance Board; Mark Flood, an economist; and Mark Reesor of the University of Western Ontario.

How did the founders come up with the idea for the NIF?  E-mail
The idea for the NIF arose during a brainstorming session at a research conference held in Washington DC in February, 2009. The conference, which was organized by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the National Institute of Statistical Sciences, brought together regulators, academics and industry risk professionals to explore statistical issues in financial risk modeling and bank regulation.