Committee to Establish the
National Institute of Finance
Providing the data and analytic tools needed to safeguard the U.S. financial system
What is the Committee to Establish the National Institute of Finance?  E-mail

The Committee to Establish the National Institute of Finance (CE-NIF) is a volunteer-led effort. Its goal is to see that financial regulators are provided with the data and analytic tools necessary to monitor systemic risks and safeguard the financial system.

Is your goal to use the NIF proposal to avoid more onerous regulation?  E-mail

No.  The NIF proposal is not intended to block other efforts at financial regulatory reform.  We believe that no matter how Congress reforms the authorities assigned to financial regulators, effective systemic risk monitoring and management will require the capabilities put forward in the NIF proposal.

Is this an industry-funded initiative? Do the members have a vested interest in seeing the NIF created?  E-mail

No. The CE-NIF is not an industry-funded initiative or front group. It was founded by a small group of academics and regulators who have no financial stake in seeing the NIF created. The Committee has invited members from the financial services and information technology industries with the chief goal of working together to create a healthier and more transparent financial system. Industry luminaries work alongside participants from governmental, academic, professional and international organizations.  Commercial interests do not own, control, or finance this initiative.

What are your goals?  E-mail

The CE-NIF's goal is to see financial regulators equipped with the data and tools they need to regulate the financial services industry effectively. We are currently working to have proposed legislation formally establishing the NIF passed into law as a vital component of impending financial regulatory reform.

Who is funding this effort?  E-mail
The CE-NIF is a volunteer-led effort, managed by the individual members. The direct expenses of the Committee have to date been funded primarily through voluntary contributions from committee members themselves. The CE-NIF has not received financial support from any commercial organizations. We gratefully acknowledge in-kind contributions from the Courant Institute for Applied Mathematics at New York University, for hosting an organizing workshop; and from the Enterprise Data Management Council, for limited media and communications support.