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CE-NIF WHITE PAPER ON DATA REQUIREMENTS AND FEASIBILITY: Data Requirements and Feasibility for Systemic Risk Oversight  E-mail
Written by Data Committee of the Committee to Establish the National Institute of Finance   
Monday, 30 November 2009 00:00

Replacing the piecemeal snapshots of risk exposures that regulators currently collect with precise and comprehensive monitoring of risk exposures across the financial system on a daily basis will demand innovative efforts in data collection and analysis, but is nevertheless both requisite and realizable.   We divide the data required for model inputs into four broad categories:

  • Financial Instrument Reference Data
  • Financial Entity Reference Data
  • Positions and Transactions Data
  • Prices and Related Data

Data inputs from each of these groupings are critical for a comprehensive picture of systemic risk. In addition, by rigorously defining and publishing standard reference data, the NIF will provide an important public service by enabling (for the first time) reliable shared semantics for this crucial information.

Read the CE-NIF's analysis of the data required to support the regulation of systemic risk. (PDF, 118 KB)

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